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1-Apr-2012 How to build a loaded thermoacoustic engine Hatori, Hiroki; Biwa, Tetsushi; Yazaki, Taichi; 矢崎, 太一
20-Feb-1982 The Hyperbolicity of Complex Analytic Spaces Urata, Toshio; 浦田, 敏夫
20-Feb-1989 HYSTERIA 松本, 昭彦; Matsumoto, Akihiko
24-Mar-2015 ICTを活用した授業における学習者の学習態度と性格の関係 服部, 貴洋
7-Dec-2013 ICTを用いた授業 鈴木, 雄大
15-Aug-2001 Identification of the Brillouin zone planes in the Hume-Rothery matching rule and their role in the formation of pseudogap from ab initio band calculations for the Al-Mg-Zn 1/1-1/1-1/1 approximant Sato, Hirokazu; Takeuchi, Tsunehiro; Mizutani, Uichiro; 佐藤, 洋一
1-Mar-1999 Identification, Person orientation and Deictic Reference Yasutake, Tomoko; 安武, 知子
1-Mar-2011 Immersion extension-lift over a Morse function Yamamoto, Minoru; 山本, 稔
3-Mar-1997 Individuation and Grammatical Number Marking in English and Japanese Yasutake, Tomoko; 安武, 知子
31-Mar-2013 The Influence of English when Learning German Mayer, Oliver
2010 Influence of UV irradiation and RTA process on optical properties of Si implanted SiO_2 Iwayama, T.S.; Hama, T.; Hole, D.E.; 岩山, 勉
20-Feb-1990 INNOCENT ; HER NAME IS ROSE 松本, 昭彦; Matsumoto, Akihiko
1-Mar-2011 Inside Elementary Foreign Language Classrooms: The Influence of Teachers' Pedagogical Beliefs Eguchi, Akiko; 江口, 朗子
1-Mar-2014 Intel AVX によるCommon Lisp言語処理系の最適化の一考察 安本, 太一; Yasumoto, Taichi
1-Mar-2015 Intel AVX2によるCommon Lisp言語処理系の最適化の一考察 安本, 太一; Yasumoto, Taichi
Jun-2004 Interactive Effects of Task Difficulty and Personality on Mood and Heart Rate Variability Sakuragi, Sokichi; Sugiyama, Yoshiki; 桜木, 惣吉
31-Mar-2011 International Cooperation in Industrial Technology Education at Aichi University of Education Miyakawa, Hidetoshi; 宮川, 秀俊
2-Sep-2005 Interpretation of the Hume-Rothery electron concentration rule in the T_2Zn_<11> (T=Ni, Pd, Co and Fe) γ-brasses based on first-principles FLAPW calculations Asahi, R.; Sato, H.; Takeuchi, T.; Mizutani, U.; 佐藤, 洋一
1-Mar-2012 Interval Preserving Map Approximation of 3x + 1 Problem Hashimoto, Yukihiro; 橋本, 行洋
7-Dec-2013 Inventor's paradoxの一例 ―Hilbert 行列の行列式について― 石戸谷, 公直; Ishitoya, Kiminao
10-Feb-1994 Invertible Elements of a Super-Primitive Ring Extension Over a Noetherian Domain Kanemitsu, Mitsuo; Sato, Junro; Yoshida, Ken-ichi; 金光, 三男; 佐藤, 淳郎; 吉田, 憲一
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