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1-Mar-2002 A Note on PP-Complements and θ-Role Assignment Hamasaki, Michiyo; 濱嵜, 通世
1-Mar-1980 Notes on the Formal System of Events Hattori, Hiroyuki; 服部, 裕幸
2-Mar-1998 The number of points lying over simple anti-integral morphisms Kanemitsu, Mitsuo; Yoshida, Ken-ichi; 金光, 三男; 吉田, 憲一
1-Mar-2010 Objective-C によるLisp 言語処理系のメソッド呼び出しの最適化 安本, 太一; Yasumoto, Taichi
1-Mar-2009 Objective-C によるLisp 言語処理系の試験的実装 安本, 太一; Yasumoto, Taichi
25-Feb-1987 Objectless Transitives in English Yasutake, Tomoko; 安武, 知子
Sep-2014 Observation of thermoacoustic shock waves in a resonance tube Biwa, Tetsushi; Sobata, Kazuya; Otake, Shota; Yazaki, Taichi; 矢崎, 太一
1-Oct-2012 Okudera, Kagawa & Co. ―Japaner in der Fußball-Bundesliga. Mayer, Oliver
1-Mar-2010 On a Jacobi Matrix Associated with a Simple Genetic Algorithm Hashimoto, Yukihiro; 橋本, 行洋
1-Mar-2010 On a Relation between Sine Formula and Radii of Circumcircles for Spherical Triangles Odani, Kenzi; 小谷, 健司
10-Feb-1995 On Coefficient Rings of Ideals Kanemitsu, Mitsuo; Oda, Susumu; Yoshida, Ken-ichi; 金光, 三男; 織田, 進; 吉田, 憲一
1-Mar-1999 On Finite Generation of an Intersection R[α]∩K Kanemitsu, Mitsuo; Oda, Susumu; Yoshida, Ken-ichi; 金光, 三男; 織田, 進; 吉田, 憲一
10-Feb-1994 On Grammatical Coding of Pre-existing Proposition Yasutake, Tomoko; 安武, 知子
1-Mar-2008 On Multi‐Functionality of Determiners in Grammar and Discourse Yasutake, Tomoko; 安武, 知子
20-Feb-1989 On Number Marking Principles in Japanese Yasutake, Tomoko; 安武, 知子
1-Mar-1980 On the Conditional Correlation Function of Lévy's Brownian Motion 野田, 明男; Noda, Akio
24-Apr-2014 On the Nature of Dative and Double Object Constructions in English 清水, 香名
30-Mar-1995 On the Recent Treatments of ''reflexivization'' Hamasaki, Michiyo; 濱嵜, 通世
1-Mar-2009 On Ulam's Floating Body Problem of Two Dimension Odani, Kenzi; 小谷, 健司
16-Jun-1999 The Onelegged Sailor and a Woman's Arm: the Boer War Music Hall Songs and Molly's Ambivalence Doki, Kazuhiro; 道木, 一弘
1-Mar-2012 OpenCLによるCommon Lisp言語処理系の高速化の一考察 安本, 太一; Yasumoto, Taichi
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